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    inspiring and facilitating personal and organizational transformations

    Changing things in organizations is easy. Making them better is hard.

    The job of managers is not to constantly and ever more frantically change things. It is to help make things better in and for their organizations so that they are able to create sustainable value for all their stakeholders.

    Making things better requires a much deeper understanding of what the issue at hand really is, why it is the way it is now, what better for all would look like, and how that might be achieved.

    To address these questions managers must develop mastery in presence, vision, focus, connection, and thinking together.

    We support our clients in developing and finetuning these essential personal and organizational practices in these three areas:

    individual & team coaching

    We coach Board members, CEOs and other senior executives and managers to improve the quality of their individual leadership practices, master difficult people dynamics, address complex strategic and organizational transformation issues.

    We coach senior leadership teams to increase their strategic clarity, their ability to think and perform together, their role modelling courage, and their ability to mobilize others to create voluntary engagement across their organizations.

    leadership development

    We design and facilitate powerful custom-made leadership development programs and learning interventions/expeditions to enhance individual and collective leadership capabilities and practices.

    organization development

    We support organizations in optimizing their people engagement to master complex and uncertain situations successfully thereby enabling them to quickly adapt to changing conditions and to reliably deliver customer value.

    "The world … cannot be changed without changing our thinking"
    Albert Einstein

    about silke natschke

    bringing empathy and persistence

    I am a linguist, philosopher and artist working globally as a leadership coach and consultant with senior executives and leadership teams for a wide range of industries.

    The essence of my work is to help improve the quality of conversation, relationship and creative participation in organizations in the context of disruptive change, digital transformations and the future of work.

    I help my clients to explore more deeply the role personal commitment, experimentation, language and visualization play in creating movement in organizations, thereby enabling them to become more proficient in understanding their thinking and in role modeling what they want to see more of in their organizations.

    In my experience, working in the here and now is necessary to, and beneficial for raising issues that managers are reluctant to bring to the table in their everyday work environment. My clients describe me as very relational, mindful, tenacious, analytical, and creative.

    Prior to my own practice as consultant I worked as assistant director at the European office of the State of Wisconsin, Department of Commerce. I have a Master in American Literature, Philosophy and Political Science from the Goethe University in Frankfurt. Psychology, Mindfulness and Neuroscience have for many years been special areas of focus.

    I am currently pursuing a PhD in Organization Change at HULT/ Ashridge International Business School in the UK.
    I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, and I have lived and worked for five years in the US. I reside in Frankfurt and work worldwide in English and German.

    "Conversation, understood widely enough, is the form of human transactions in general "
    MacIntyre 1981

    about hartmut stuelten

    bringing clarity and challenge

    I am a sociologist working worldwide with CEOs, senior executives and executive teams of global Fortune 500 companies from a wide range of industries to improve the quality of leadership, connection and engagement within their organizations.

    I have taught mindfulness and leadership at Saïd Business School – University of Oxford, organization change on the Ashridge Masters in Organization Change, and leadership at Management Centre Europe, EFMD and IMD.

    Prior to starting my independent consulting practice, I was on the leadership team of the consulting unit of Ashridge Business School, Partner at Oliver Wyman responsible for the Executive Development practice in Europe, Managing Director of Insight Consulting, Corporate Director Leadership & Organization Development at Zurich Insurance Group, Director Management Development at Dow Chemical Europe, Employee Development & Quality Performance Manager at Dow Chemical UK & Eire, and Training Manager & HR Business Partner at Dow Chemical Stade, Germany.

    I hold a Doctorate in Organizational Change from Middlesex University, a Master in Organizational Consulting from Ashridge Business School, and a Master in Education from the University of Hamburg.

    I am trained in systemic consulting and have professional diplomas in executive coaching and body-centered awareness.

    In addition, I have studied and practiced Karate, meditation and improvisation theatre for many years.

    I was born and grew up close to Hamburg, Germany. For 25 years I have lived in the US, the UK, Spain and Switzerland. I am currently based in Frankfurt, Germany and work worldwide in English and German.

    "There is an authenticity about you that is so often lacking in other consultants. Whilst always firmly grounded you do not attempt to ‘over theorise’ with your clients but aim to cut through to the core of what needs to be addressed and avoid over complicating the matter in hand. You are the only consultant that I have heard my fellow Board members say they felt privileged to work with – praise indeed! "
    Board Member


    food for thought

    Here are a few of Silke’s and Hartmut’s articles. You are very welcome to download and use them if you quote their source.

    "I have three things to teach: simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures."
    Lao Tzu


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